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Extractive industries







Sierra Leone has significant growth potential and it is seen in the international
business market as stable, both politically and economically.

Sierra Leone has rich undeveloped asset's, found in a broad range of industries from
extractive industries such as iron ore, diamond and gold mining, crude to agriculture
and tourism.

About safety: Sierra Leone has successfully done over a decade of peace. Sierra
Leone demonstrated its determination for peace by conducting a peaceful election
in 2007 overseen and endorsed by the United Nations, followed by a peaceful
transition of government later that year, This is an indication of the new age and a
big swaying factor for future and existing investments.

Since 2001 Sierra Leone has done some remarkable improvements in regards to its
economy. GDP growth is approximately 10% annually. On the other-hand inflation
has steadily decreased.

Sierra Leone is located in West Africa, majority of the population are English
speaking. Sierra Leone is home for six million people and covered by a market
area of approximately 30 million people via the Mano River Union (MRU), which is
shared with neighboring countries, Liberia, Guinea and Cote d'Ivoire. Sierra Leone's
total market area covers a total of 225 million people via ECOWAS, and is an active
member of the Commonwealth.

Agriculture is one of the biggest driver's behind Sierra Leone's economy, responsible
for 45% of GDP. Sierra Leone is blessed with ideal growing conditions for staple and
cash crops. Agricultural production is continuously growing due to the ongoing co-
operation between governmental and private sector initiatives.

Further growth is expected in relations to agriculture, with under-utilized agricultural
land being utilized to create bio–fuels and solar power farms, driven by the
international demand for cleaner energy.

Recent studies by the European Commission (EC) and the UK Department for
International Development (DFID) show that Sierra Leone' s coastal waters are
amongst the best in the world for biomass productivity.

Sierra Leone has been blessed with vast resources of different minerals. Yet still
most of mining sector remains under-developed and under-explored.

Sierra Leone has large deposits of Rutile, Bauxite, Ilmenite (titanic iron ore),
Diamonds, Gold, Chromite, Platinum Lignite clays and base metals such as copper,
nickel, molybdenum, lead, and zinc.
Further exploration is being undertaken to assess the full commercial potential of
these deposits.
Although the sector's mentioned already drive a proportion of Sierra Leone's exports,

exports are still very low, and is not a reflection of its vast reserves.
Output is expected to grow significantly following new Government reforms and pre-
existing mining operations coming back on-stream.

With respect to the exploration of hydrocarbons Sierra Leone' s offshore oil and gas
reserves received a boost in 2009 when a consortium led by US oil group Anadarko
revealed encouraging results from their initial drilling program.